Monday, December 19, 2011

Song Joong ki Facts

Song Joong Ki Profile 

  • Name: 송중기 / Song Joong Ki (Song Jung Ki)
  • Profession: Actor, MC
  • Birthdate: 1985-Sep-19
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Blood type: A
  • Talent agency: SidusHQ 
Chingu! this is some facts I got about our Oppa Joong ki
He's one of my favorite oppa, he much known because of uprising Kdrama Sungkyunhwan Scandal lately Which role as Goo Yong Ha The Playboy guy who actually has kind heart and very, very smart.In this Kdrama Joong ki oppa acts with Micky Yoochun from DBSK, Yong Ah In and Park Min Young 
Well this is it, Enjoy it....
Joong Ki Facts
  • Actually, Joong ki's mother wanted a daughter as her second child. She was disappointed that he was a son, and there was some pictures that joong ki oppa with his hair tied back wearing a two-piece dress. *I hope i saw the photo, Soo cuteee!!*
  • Joong ki have a brother two years older. He’s serving in the military now, and  also  sister seven years younger.
  • When he was in junior high school, joong ki was a short-track skater representing his city of Taejeon Gwang’yeogsi. He even participated in the National Games three times, and won awards at other large meets. But he had to give up because of an injury.
  • Joong Ki has face as cute and pure as a midsummer peach and a bashful bright smile that shows his upper teeth. he make me recalls the image of a peach  that settled inside is a large, strong seed.
  • He is a nice person with easygoing and relaxed personality.
  • Seeing this real Joong ki is like experiencing a cheerful twist.
  • He still takes the bus or subway around town, like always. So down to earth, right?
  • He has already in his mid-twenties, but because he is very baby-faced, one day when Joong ki oppa take the bus, the driver asks “Are you really a university student?"
  • His weakness are telling funny stories, singing and dancing. but because of it, somedays on the future  he wants to try musicals and comic acting . (Beat your own weakness oppa *fighting!* )
  • Alcohols and cigarettes are things he doesn’t really do and one of the secrets behind his flawless and beautiful skin is no smoke. 
  • One of The words he most wants to hear as a person and as an actor is: “Song Joong-ki’s a pretty decent kid. He’s a good person.” Then he’ll absolutely happy.
  •  Joong ki oppa never think to do plastic surgery. The part of his body he hate: lips. He doesn’t seem his lips as being very attractive. * I love him just the way he’s.
  •  After shocking confess fro Joong ki that he already  had a secret relationship for two years at the last interview before he sat down for an interview with SBS‘s ‘One Night in TV Entertainment‘,the interviewer asked questions about his current relationship status. Joong Ki oppa boldly responded, “No comment.  I enjoy dating in secret.” 
  • In one of the occasion interview with Song Joong ki oppa the reporter then asked him,  “When you look at a woman, where do you look? “, and oppa replied, “Legs. I’m a guy too. I’m attracted to sexy body lines.” His ideal women are like Hong Eun Hee and Miranda Kerr.
  • About in his love life Song Joong Ki replied, he wasn't find much charm in ladies who confessed first, but now he's not like that anymore. *girls, go approach him!*
  • he’s the type to stay in long-term relationships with one person, and he has great tenacity to stick with decisions through the end
  • Song Joong Ki was selected asthe number one celebrity fellow idol stars would most want to be with on Christmas On the episode of MBC EveryoneWeekly Idol‘that airs December 17th, idols such as Wonder Girls, T-are, A-Pink, and B1A4 participated in the newest poll. And it proved that he was popular even amongst the idols for his good looks plus his social skills.* Hooraayyyy!!*
  • Joong ki oppa has close relationship with Lee Gwangsoo, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Im Joo Hwan, Jang Geun Seok, Kim Heechul, and many more.
  • After School’s Nana, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, Sistar’s Bora, IU, and SNSD’s Sunny and me are some of Joongki’s fangirl
  • His Hyungs and noonas tend to treat him well. His secret for that is because he will absolutely do what the elders told him. *Nice oppa*
  • Comparing Seundul’s B1A4 features to Song Joong Ki’s. The pictures they attached drew a similarity between their smiles, their lip shape, their dimples, and even their eyes.

  • He once got “Ero Joong Ki” as nickname because he likes to hug everyone. And he got some nicknames from RM like: Pretty Boy, Brainy Joong Ki, The Chairman Son, and Enthusiastic Joong Ki. 
  • Song Joong Ki, who recently released his movie “Many A Little Romance”, will soon begin the production of his latest film project, “Wolf Boy”
  • The top seven CF in Korea, based Daily Sports compiled a list of the top seven, and Song joong ki was at number four after Lee Seung Gi , Big Bang and 2PM When he was become Music Bank MC Together with Seo Hyo Rim (during Aug 2009 – Nov 2010).During his MC-ing days, he said “WOWW” a lot. When he was teased because of it, but then he said he want to make it as a catch phrase as an alibi.    

 Gomawo all! see you next time
  • Source : AllKpop,com,,, DramaWiki


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  3. Thanks a bunch!! I'm actually one of the biggest, greatest and literally CRAZIEST Song Joong Ki fans on earth!! I was researching on him and this article helped me a lot. Once again, thank you SO So MUCH!!